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Social Media

Peer influence has always been an important marketing tactic. Always.

But now that social media has swept the world like wildfire, brands are now able to participate in the conversation; understand the impact their brand has with their audience, and control the conversation in a way never before possible. Thanks to social media, brands are finding new and exciting ways to engage their audience.

It’s wonderful. But…

Social media can also be a daunting and time consuming task!

It can also make or break the way users view your brand. We offer social media solutions that are custom tailored for each unique client; focusing on creative, innovative, and effective strategies to achieve full social engagement.

Social Media- Be In Control!

The secret behind a successful conversation is to listen, before you speak. The same applies with social media marketing. It’s not about taking control of a conversation without invitation, and it’s not about swaying public opinion or aggressively promoting your products or services. That’s how many… many… businesses have crashed and burned. Social marketing can be a double edged sword, which should be used as a means of understanding the conversations that surround your brand.

To be in control of social media, one must understand how it’s used to listen to the conversation, and build awareness of your brand by engaging– not spamming– your core market(s).

Successful Strategies For Social Engagement

When you understand what is being said about your brand, and by whom, you can develop a strategy for engaging- and yes, influencing- your target audience.

From design to custom reporting, we’ll help manage your social voice so you can get back to focusing on what matters most. From promotions and competitions to maintaining conversations, our powerful social media services will optimize your brand in new ways!

Social Media Brings New Opportunities for Targeted Marketing & Advertising

There are a large variety of social media sites, each with a large audience of daily users; each bringing their own multiple methods of interacting with other users.  In addition, each network provides different advertising and promotional platforms. When you want to target specific audiences based on interests, demographic or geographic data… social advertising is especially powerful and effective.

Social Media Management

The worst thing you can do is dive right into social media without understanding it first. Once you have identified what your core markets are saying about your brand, and formed a strategy on how you can use social media to your advantage without spamming, you’ll find that the ongoing process of social media management is extremely time consuming. In fact, it can often distract you from focusing on your business.

Our social media management services will provide professional clarity, custom reporting, quality engagement, effective interaction, and- most importantly- positive results.

We help you understand the impact that social media is having on your brand, then work with you to develop a social media strategy to enable insight, engagement and influence.

We show you how to listen to conversations relevant to your brand, products or services, competitors and your sector. From conversation types, to sentiment and key influencers, we will identify the target audiences for your social rollout.

We help you engage your audience in social media; from individuals to large-scale group messaging. We help create conversation platforms, promotional campaigns, spread influence, build communities, manage brand reputations and so much more.

We assist with creating and growing online communities for your brand,  helping your organization develop a branded online community that increases customer engagement and loyalty.

Finally, we will provide you with a clear picture of your social environment, your movement, impact and performance… so you can see the return on your social media investment.

Full Service includes:

  • Consulting
  • Research & Insight
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment insight
  • Segmentation & profiling
  • Community management
  • In-bound response
  • Social design
  • Facebook stores
  • Reporting & monitoring
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social optimization

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