Penguin 3.0 Friendly Link Building Services

Following the release of Penguin 2.0 and ensuing paranoia, Complete Link Building Services would like to take a moment and offer assurance that with us… your brand is in good hands.

You see, Google is consistently launching updates to their algorithm in an ongoing battle against spam. Can you blame them? Nobody likes spam, and that includes us!

We Build Quality, Natural Backlinks.

You have every right and reason to be worried about trusting somebody with your online reputation and credibility. There are many providers out there who are all-too-eager to take your money, but it is our business to help your business make more money through a stronger (and more resilient) presence on the web.

With that being said, you should be cautious about who you work with. You should be asking the right questions and knowing what the right answers are. Of course, it’s hard to know that when the answers keep changing with every new zoo pet released into the wild.

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Penguin 2.0 has yet again changed the way search engine results display, but it has no impact (good or bad) for our clients. That’s because our clients stay clear of all spam filters by trusting us for sustainable link building services.

You Are Responsible For Maintaining a Spam-Free Web Presence.

If you are worried about Google Penguin 2.0, or any future updates… it’s time to stop and look at what you might be doing wrong because the only sites affected are those who follow borderline, risky online marketing practices.

It starts with a professional, useful website. If you don’t have one, change it. Even money-sites need to be designed with a human audience in mind, otherwise there is no money to be made. Right?

From there, your website needs to build authority without breaking any guidelines. That’s where Complete Link Building Services comes in. We know link-building, and our packages are designed to protect the online credibility for each client, no matter what curveball comes out next.


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