Paid Search (PPC)

With pay per click advertising (or PPC) your website gets a leading advantage over competitors fighting for front page placement on targeted search engine results. Not only will you get there sooner, but PPC will help you stay there. Of course those listings are paid, so when it comes to PPC the thing that matters most is results. You want to see that you’re getting a return for your investment, and that’s why we provide custom reporting of your paid search results.

Proven Results Backed By a 60 Day Guarantee!

Of course we’re not the only SEO company offering PPC services, but in our 2 years of offering quality SEO services we’ve never– not even one single time– been asked to cash in on our 60 day money back guarantee. In fact, we don’t recommend you trust any SEO provider who doesn’t back their services with a satisfaction guarantee like that. Because it’s your investment, and you should get the return you expect (at least). Here’s what our clients have said…

PPC Full Service

We have a portfolio of happy clients, a suite of leading tools, and (most importantly) a long list of tangible results.

We have a portfolio of happy clients, a suite of leading tools, and (most importantly) a long list of tangible results.

We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted; from location and language to devices and search engine selection.

We test multiple ad copy variations to determine which ad will drive the highest possible click-through and conversion rate. We also run ad extension testing to calculate the true value of the search engines’ latest functionality.

Keyword generation is not a one-time occurrence, it is ever-evolving. As the search landscape is constantly changing, new search terms and customer behavior needs to be capitalized upon!

Filters & rules allow us to influence bids at keyword level. We develop complex, customized optimization systems, to ensure that target ROIs are achieved at the most granular level possible.

Full Service includes:

  • Campaign health check
  • Competitive research
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Keyword generation
  • Campaign targeting
  • Ad copy creation
  • Creative testing
  • Ad copy extensions
  • Bid optimization
  • Click path analysis
  • Equity weighting
  • Architectural structure
  • Match type / keyword mining
  • Day parting
  • ProFound reporting