If Content is King, then Design is Queen.

Smart people put an awful lot of stock into their web content because they are smart. (Therefore, it can be deduced that you are not smart if you don’t put any stock into website content.)

When it comes to smart content, these things matter:

  • Inclusion & strategic placement of target keywords / search phrases. (Not density.)
  • Formatting of content so that each page is visually appealing and easy to read or skim through, rather than intimidating.
  • Appropriate language and tone. Grammar isn’t as important as being not-boring.
  • A point. Make it!
  • Like-able and share-able.

When you look at those points individually, you’re seeing a small fraction of what sets quality web content apart from the rest. Chances are high that you already know how important this stuff is, because “content is king.”

But don’t underestimate the sexy queen!

If you are truly smart, you will want a website that is smart and sexy. (Or full of rich, engaging, quality content partnered with an attractive design that is pleasant to look at.)

This is not a debate about whether content is more important than design, or if design matters more than content. There is no debate or competition at all, because they are both important in their own unique ways. Together, a great design and great content will correlate to create a great website.

Yet your website is only as strong as its’ weakest link. Therefore, quality content is worthless on a poorly designed website. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Free site-builder templates
  • Generic headers
  • Low quality graphics, or no graphics at all
  • Too much white space, or not enough white space.
  • Too many ads.

With that being said, design should always be the first priority on your website because it creates a first impression. You won’t interest any visitor if you can’t immediately grab their attention with a quality design, but then it’s up to your web content to keep their attention and seal the deal.

Click here to see Web Design Color Trends for 2013 for some sexy examples of a clean, professional design.


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