Build Yourself a Better Website with Builder!

When it comes to WordPress templates, premium is the way to go. Not because the word “premium” implies something fancy, because WordPress – as an open source CMS platform—is free and awesomesauce.

But most of the free WordPress templates are very limited in capabilities, resulting in a very generic and unprofessional website. It’s easy to spot a generic WordPress site.

The only free WP templates that are customizable are usually low-hanging fruit to an even better paid version.

Web developers have more knowledge about the various WP frameworks, templates, and themes available. This experience is why a professional web developer can quickly find the right layout for a clients’ website and move on to the next step.

Experience and ability are also some of many reasons why a web developer is worth the extra expense… if you have a few hundred (or thousand dollars) to invest.

But what if you don’t have the budget for premium web development?

The great thing about WordPress is that anybody can learn how to build a professional website from scratch.

However, nothing built on a free WP template is professional, and even several of the paid templates aren’t easily customized. Most experts will argue that a WP framework is ideal for professional, personalized web development and the preference tends to circle around a ‘Genesis vs. Thesis’ debate.

While Genesis and Thesis are both powerful in their own rights, neither are as user-friendly (for somebody with no coding experience) as the Builder framework by iThemes.

If you can Drag & Drop, you can build a kick ass website with Builder!

With most WordPress templates, website elements are locked in place. With the Builder framework, you can easily create a highly customized layout simply by customizing and adding, moving, or removing elements such as:

  • Header or image
  • Navigation
  • Content Area
  • Widget areas
  • Footer

These elements might not make much sense to a beginner, but there are many child themes you can apply that make it even easier. Take any of these designs as a starting point, and create your own layout just the way you want. All you have to do is tweak what goes where, add your own logo/images, and you’ll easily create a 100% unique and 150% professional website.


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